Is There Swelling Behind the Nipple Post Gyncomastia Surgery That I Cant See? (photo)

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon who has been doing breast surgeries for over 31 years. I had very minor gynocomastia and decided to have it removed. After surgery it has now been 17 days and I do not see much difference. He told me it will take months for it to be flat. When honestly I think it looks the same. I feel great and have no pain. I dont see how it can get much better?

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17 Days Post Gynecomastia - There Is Still Swelling

You are right where you belong.  At about 3 weeks after gynecomastia surgery, all patients want the area flattened perfectly already.  In my practice, I have my patients wear a tight vest with foam rubber inside the vest and an ace wrap for one month.  At about 4-6 weeks, I usually inject a little corticosteroid just under the nipple.  I do this 2 or 3 times at 3 week intervals.  After each injection, I do a 3 minute therapeutic ultrasound (the kind the physical therapist uses for sore muscles).  This evenly distributes the steroid and helps bring blood supply to the area to take away the organized sub-nipple swelling. 


Obviously, your plastic surgeon with 31 years of experience has his or her own techniques.  He or she would obviously be the best judge of what to do. 

Is There Swelling Behind the Nipple Post Gyncomastia Surgery That I Cant See?

For very mild gyneco. you get mild results as shown from your posted photos. I see a difference even on the poorly exposed photos. Thus you might obtain a little more flattening but I doubt it. But still there is a result that is easily noticed. 

Gynecomastia Surgery Results?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

At this stage in your recovery, it is too early to evaluate the end results of surgery. It will take several months for swelling to fully resolve and for skin to  ‚Äúredrape". In the meantime,  I would suggest that you continue to be patient and follow up with your plastic surgeon for evaluation/guidance.

Best wishes.

Too early

It's too early to judge  the result. It will take few mints to see the final shape .i advice to continue on pressure garment for 4 wks

Nawarah Alarfaj, MD
Saudi Arabia Plastic Surgeon

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