Is There Much Swelling or Soreness After Having the Life Style Lift?

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Swelling and soreness after a lifestyle lift

A lifestyle lift is a trademarked term. It is not an actual surgical procedure. The procedure that the term generally refers to is a lower facelift and neck lift. There is nothing revolutionary about a lifestyle lift. In fact, the lower third facelift using the smas plication or imbrication (muscle anchoring terms) techniques are some of the most traditional facial rejuvination procedures in existence. 

I personally do many of my facelifts under local anesthetic in the office using tumescent anesthetic and oral Ativan. In order to achieve effective, lasting results I always educate my patients thoroughly on the healing process. I tell them that they typically need about 10-14 days off of work. Much of the visible swelling and bruising will resolve within the first couple of weeks but the patient may feel swelling for several months. Soreness is very patient dependent. I have had patients tell me that they were virtually pain free after 5 days and I have had patients tell me that it took 2-3 weeks for the soreness to fade. It's very difficult to predict how each patient will respond in the healing process. Remember that this is your face. A technically sound lift requires a commitment to the healing process and an understanding that the final results may not manifest for a few months. Good luck!

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Life Style Lift is not defined

A Life Style Lift is a franchise name and does not define a surgical procedure.  Every where in the country there are different ways that a life style lift is performed.  Obviously, if the surgeon is more aggressive you will have more tightness and soreness.  If the procedure is a little more extensive you will have more swelling and longer results.  Discuss your face lift options with a board certified plastic surgeon and get the full answer for your situation.

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Swelling or soreness after lifestyle lift

I have done thousands of various types of facelifts.The more minimal procedures have less soreness and swelling. Lifestyle lift is a minimal procedure. However when I read the patient reviews there are a number who have pain and swelling . Pehaps this number of complainers are because there are so many patients having this procedure and the boards available where they can voice their displeasure are readily found.All I can say is my minimal procedure facelifts rarely if ever in over a thousandtake pain medicine after surgery.

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Lifestyle lift

I personally do all my face work these days under local xylocaine infltration and PO Valium. I do anywhere from a full facelift with SMAS this way to lesser degree work such as post-auricular neck lifts and pre-auricular work for naso-labial folds. All the lesser degree work mimics lifestyle lift proceedures without the fancy marketing name. In my experience there is almost no pain or soreness with facelift work. However there is always some degree of black and blue and post-operative swelling....even with lesser degree proceedures. All this dissappears in less that 8-10 days.

Is There Much Swelling or Soreness After Having the Life Style Lift?

It depends upon how much lifting is done not your life style! Please see some private practice boarded PSs in  your area who do face lifts to be safer. Here on Real Self the "worth it" rate is 51% for LSL - not good!

Swelling is minimal after Style Lift

The less invasive procedures have less soreness and swelling.  The more extensive procedures have more swelling and soreness.   In my experience there is very little pain and soreness with most any facelift work. However there is always some degree of black and blue and post-operative swelling....even with lesser degree proceedures. Typically, this will go away within about 10 days.


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