Is there swelling 7 month after operation?

As mentioned above i got a nose job seven month ago. There is a lot of swelling and when i slide my finger down my nose there are a lot of bumps in the upper part of my nose like at the sides. How can i reduce this swelling and how long should i wait until considering to undergo another surgery. Thank you

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Swelling 7 months after Rhinoplasty

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If your concern is just the bumps that can be felt only by digital sliding and not actually visually apparent, this is acceptable, however, if you are bothered by this, it is just about the right time to discuss a revision. 
Minor residual swelling is still fine during this period.

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Swelling 7 months after rhinoplasty

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It is true that there is still some swelling 7 months after surgery. However the residual swelling is usually just in the tip area and just above the tip. If you are having issues oveer the bridge of your nose, these are likely to persist. i would recommend waiting the full year howeve before doing any type of revision. keep in contact with your surgeon who knows your nose the best at this point.

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