Is There a Any Surgical Procedure to Stop the Production of Breast Milk to Save the Look of my Implants?

Hello, Doctors. I am 22 yrs. old I am considering breast augmentation the only thing holding me back is the effects pregnancy has on the breast is there a procedure to eliminate the production of breast milk I do want kids but do not want to distort the size and look I don’t want nor plan to ever breast feed. Thank you for your help.

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Any Surgical Procedure to Stop Production of Breast Milk?Answr:

Not that I know of. What most women do now that do not want to BF  is simply avoid breast feeding? Milk will be produced but not for long and if not stimulated, then there should be minimal change to the breast. After delivery, there was the use of Estrogen or a medication called Parlodel, but these seem to not be used much anymore. Most are opting for the natural "dry up an go away" method!! But my advice is to give the benefits of breast feeding serious consideration over cosmetic concerns!

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Blocking milk production after pregnancy

  1. In the past women not wanting to nurse after delivering a child were frequently offered hormonal therapy. This included high dose estrogens or a medication that blocked prolactin, the hormone that encourage milk production. Both of these treatments are seldom offered today because of high risk of blood clots from the estrogen, or heart disease from the prolactin blocker. Today the advice to women not wanting to nurse is to avoid breast stimulation, and the milk usually dries up promptly.
  2. Most physicians feel that the anatomic changes to the breast that occur are related to the pregnancy itself, and not so much the nursing. When your time comes to decide about nursing, think hard about the benefits, and discuss it with your obstetrician and pediatrician before making your choice.

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