Is There a Surgery That Widens the Corner of my Lips (Left&right)?

I already have a full upper and lower lips and don't want to make it any fuller. But I think the length of my mouth is small, I want to make my lips/smile a little wider. I'm interested in widening the left and right corner of my lips (just a little bit like 1.5mm). Any Doctor in USA performs this kind of surgery? Can also let me know the cost please? Thankyou

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Increasing your mouth size can be done

bit its difficult to comment without photos.  Optoins include a lip lift at the corners and z-plasty of the lateral lip borders, depending on what you are trying to achieve.  See your local board certified plastic surgeon for a formal consultation and let him/her clearly know of your goals and desires.  Your doctor should be able to tell you if he/she can achieve what you desire.  And please realize there will be risks to surgery such as the potential for drooling.

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