Is there a surgery that could fix the asymmetry in my eyes? (photo)

One eye has a flap on the inner corner and the other doesn't. Is there a surgery that could get rid of this flap or add it to the other eye? Also the brows aren't even either.

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Is there a surgery that could fix the asymmetry in my eyes?

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You have an epicanthal fold ( the excess skin in the inner corner of the eye) on the left side and an elevated brow on the left.
If you were not born with the epicanthal fold then the cause may be due to the pull of the eyebrow( rare but possible)
The raised eyebrow is a compensation for a weak upper eyelid muscle.
You should see a Plastic Surgeon who can assess you in real time.
Correction of the left upper eyelid ptosis will bring the left eyebrow down ( usually takes about 3 months after surgery) . The Epicanthal fold may be reduced if the raised brow is the cause. There are surgical options to get rid of the epicanthal fold but the risk of scarring needs to be considered

I would strongly recommend a physical exam before committing to a particular surgical solution.

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Yes you do appear to have an epicanthal fold on the left side.  However you also have a compensatory brow lift on the left side.  Upon close inspection, the left upper eyelid is also ptotic.  Is the epicanthal fold related to the compensatory brow lift pulling up the medial canthal tissue?  If that is the case, then the solution to the issue would be leave the epicanthal fold alone and correct the droopy upper eyelid.  Correcting the ptosis will fix the compensatory brow elevation.   If the correction of the droop upper eyelid did not fully resolve the epicanthal fold, I might not recommend epicathal fold surgery.  Although the surgical principles are straight forward, the skin in this area does not heal well.  This surgery can leave a visible scar in a very prominent area of the face.  This could be a devastating result for very attractive eyes.  Caution is advised.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Correction of Epicanthal Fold/Brow Asymmetry

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What you have is an epicanthal fold (or flap) involving the left eye. That could be improved by an epicanthoplasty, a small skin procedure to help eliminate epicanthal folds. Your eyebrow is a little low and that could be improved at the same time by a one-sided endoscopic brow lift.

Asymmetric eyelids

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The eyelids are slightly assymetric. Consider Botox or an endoscopic brow lift as an alternative to assymetric blepharoplasty.

Jose E. Barrera, MD, FACS
San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon
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