Is There Still a Risk of Tyndall Effect with Belotero if a person Fill their Tear Troughs?

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Belotero for Tear Throughs

One of the advantages of Belotero is it can be injected superficially without the risk of "blue discoloration" also known as tyndall effect that is seen with other hyaluronic acids. This makes it especially suitable for injection under the eyes. Which is most prone to the effect


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RE: Risk of Tyndall Effect With Belotero


The risk of the Tyndall effect occurring with Belotero is extremely small. 

As you may know, the Tyndall effect is a phenomenon in physics. Light rays will scatter when they pass through a clear solution where small particles are suspended in. This scattering will produce a bluish color.


What’s special about Belotero is that the gel is not a suspension of particles. The hyaluronic acid molecules are processed differently. When Belotero is injected, it creates a very smooth layer beneath the skin. It will not behave like particles. It is less susceptible to clumping and Tyndall light refraction.

Besides the tear troughs, it can also be used to fill fine lines like this patient.


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Belotero Lessens the Risk of Tyndall Effect

We have used Belotero for several months and are very impressed with the ability to place this product superficially without the blue discoloration known as Tyndall Effect.  There is no guarantee of course that you won't get this side effect.

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