Is There Any Solution for Tissue Damage if I'm Willing to Pay for It? (photo)

I am considering a 3rd surgery because I've had 2 botched boob jobs. The 2nd surgery failed largely because, well, the implants were too large. I had little tissue to begin with and now I feel implants popping out the bottom like balloons. The left breast is also malpositioned so a revision must address assymetry as well. Is it even possible to fix palpability if I go smaller and use Strattice? I'm willing to pay, but is it possible? Or am I stuck with this awful fake sensation forever?

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Strattice internal bra for coverage and support

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Strattice often works very well to reduce palpability of implants and support them. Correction of asymmetry often requires multiple things; for example in the photos the nipples are asymmetrically positioned so some version of a lift might be indicated.

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Breast asymmetry and palpability after breast augmentation

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You really need to sit down with a board certified PS who does a lot of breast work.  Going over the before/after photos and your history of surgeries would be very helpful (and, of course, an in person examination).  As for palpability, I am not sure Strattice (or any other acellular dermal matrix, ADM) is going to solve that.  Certainly it is easier to fix problems when you start with a plan that includes putting in smaller implants.  Every imperfection is magnified by larger and larger implants.  Best of luck to you.

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