Is There Any Solution for a Crooked Jawline? (photo)

the left side of my jaw is longer than the right. I feel I have no chin. the right side looks pointed as its small while the left side looks bulky. someone said I might have hemimandibular hyperplasia. but I haven't visited any doctors yet. please tell me if my case has any hope.

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With Facial and Jaw Assymmetry can be Corrected with Surgery

Here is what you should do. See a qualified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon for a CT scan for an objective view and specific measurements. We need to know if there are bone or soft tissue problems and if there is any pathology that may need to be treated first. Next after a real diagnosis has been made, your will be given options for treatment. Anything is possible for a craniofacial surgeon, the important thing is managing your expectations.

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