Are There Any Significant Differences in the Result of Nipple Reduction Surgery if You Pay More?

I was given a cost around $6000 for nipple reduction. When I asked why it is so expensive in compare to other doctors that is between 1000 to 2000, I was told that because he is one of the best in the country and world and he does the surgery in an operating room. Just I was wondering if the higher price means a better job or is there any need for this surgery to be done in an operating room? So can this fee be justified or are there any significant differences in the result if you pay more?

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Higher prices don't guarantee better results for nipple reduction

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Nipple reduction surgery is common and not very complex.  Most plastic surgeons who do the proceedure acheive great results.  Nipple reduction can be done with local anesthesia in a procedure room very safely.  If the doctors you have interviewed have similar training and credentials and one of them has a much higher price, it is difficult to justify spending the extra money.  Make sure they are all planning to do the same thing.  If the extra cost is for operating room and anesthesia, its probably unnecessary for this operation.

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