Is there any safe way I can get a more feminine chin? (photo)

My chin is fairly big and square and I feel very insecure about it. It's not big to the point where it's he first thing people notice, but I hate it so much and I think it makes my otherwise feminine face look gross and disproportionate. Please help, this feature is eating away at my self esteem. Also if the doctor were to be in canada, all the better.

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A smaller chin

While the chin can be reshaped by removing/moving some of the bone, be aware that the soft tissue response to moving bone can lead to some disappointing results.   However, in the right surgeon's hands, you certainly should be happy with a modest improvement of your chin situation, making it a bit smaller, less "square" and more feminine. 

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Chin Reshaping For A More Feminine Chin

Your chin is wide and square for your face and even maybe a touch vertically long. It does appear to be too horizontally long although a side view picture assessing that would be helpful.Your chin can be reshaped to be slightly shorter and more narrow through an intraoral genioplasty approach. From inside the mouth, the bone is cut and narrowed and then put back together, thus leaving no external incisional scars. This will proceed a more tapered chin that is more triangular shaped rather than square as it is now.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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