Is there such thing as a safe and effective way to treat nasolabial folds?

I have done tons of research on filleres and came to the conclusion that ha fillers are not 100% safe nor natural. I've read many horror stories on here and other forums that discuss the many possible dangers with fillers. The fda has not addressed these complications so i'm more skeptical about having fillers placed in my face. I desperately want to correct my nlf but am terrified of possible complactions.

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Subcision Is An Entirely Natural Way To Treat Folds & Depressions

I certainly respect your desire to use the safest and most natural way to deal with your nasolabial smile lines. And I must agree that there is probably no such thing as a 100%, guaranteed aesthetic procedure (or medication or medical procedure, or even foods, for that matter--considering that people can have severe allergic reactions to tomatoes and strawberries).

What I can say is that with nearly twenty years of experience injecting hyaluronic acid fillers of all kinds, both in the U.S., in my Upper East Side Manhattan practice as well as in my satellite office in Israel (where a far greater number of regulatory agency-approved hyaluronic acid fillers and volumizers are available), the incidence of complications (other than the expected temporary bruises and swelling that sometimes occurs)  to them has been negligible and the results extremely gratifying.  

For patients who have expressed similar concerns as you, I have performed a tiny pre-treatment skin test on their forearms--to look for any signs of allergy or adverse reactions. The lack of any negative response most often leads to reassurance and ultimately to actual treatment.

Finally, subcision, which is a procedure that uses a sharp needle inserted under the skin to break up the existing collagen and stimulate new native collagen formation (neocollagenesis) would be a completely natural alternative approach. For more details about this procedure, I suggest checking out the archives of

Consultation with a board certified aesthetic core physician with extensive expertise and experience with all methods for treating smile lines is strongly advised.  

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