Are There Less Risky Options Than Buccal Fat Removal for Achieving More Definition in the Face? (photo)

Chunky cheeks fun in my family, and while I appreciate that they keep up all looking young, I would like to have some definition to my face. When I smile especially, the fat is concentrated in the front of my face. I'm not sure if perhaps some of my issue is with my nose, it gets wide and flat when I smile. From what I've seen buccal fat removal has been a regrettable experience for many - are there other options, perhaps less invasive or less risky, that could balance out my face?

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Buccal fat extraction

This is a good procedure but only for the right patient.  The ideal patient is someone who really has excess facial lower cheek roundness. You need to see someone who does this procedure routinely and who can advise you of the likely outcome.

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