Is There Any Risk of Hematoma from Implant Explantation 5 Weeks After BA?

I Also Had an Emergency Hematoma Drained 400ccs Recently.

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Hematoma after breast implant removal

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If I understand your question, You had Breast augmentation, then you had a hematoma , which was treated by surgery. Now you are 5 weeks after Breast Augmentation and want implant removal, and what are the risks of a hematoma after explantation? At 5 weeks frm breast augmentation, there is hardly a capsule, which is just forming and does not need to be taken out, just implant removal. The chances are small of having a hematoma.

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Risk of hematoma after breast augmentation.

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The risk of hematoma after breast augmentation is small, about 1%. The risk of hematoma after implant removal is minimal, but never 0. There is a slight risk of seroma formation, therefore a drain is usually left after explantation.

Implant removal and hematoma risk

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With any surgery there is a risk of bleeding and hematoma formation.  The risk usually is less in an implant removal procedure than the original breast augmentation, but even in this procedure the risk is greater than 0%.

Breast implant removal

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Certainly there is always a risk of a hematoma whenever you have surgery. Why did you develop a recent hematoma?

Hematoma After Breast Augmentation vs. Seroma Following Implant Explantation

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I am a bit confused by your question. Are you inquiring about the risk of a hematoma after having your implants removed?

The risk of hematoma following breast augmentation is about 1%. It is important to minimize activity and exercise after surgery to reduce the risk of bleeding. If a hematoma does occur it needs to be surgically evacuated. If you experienced a hematoma following recent breast augmentation surgery, you do have a higher risk of experiencing a hematoma again. In order to prevent recurrence, it is important to minimize your activity and avoid strenuous exercise for several weeks following evacuation of a hematoma.

Implant removal (explantation) is a relatively straightforward procedure. If you recently had your implants removed, the risk for a hematoma would be low; and that risk would be even lower several weeks after the procedure. However, the pocket that was previously occupied by the implant could fill with some fluid (seroma), and you may notice a mild increase in your breast size if this happens. This fluid may persist for awhile but is then generally resorbed.

Best wishes, Ken Dembny

Hematoma risks with breast augmentation

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If you have had a recent hematoma, you are at higher risk for another.  I am not entirely clear on the time frame here.  Ask your doctor exactly how long they want you to not elevate your HR/BP to keep the bleeding risk minimal.  This includes eliminating all exercise, sex, and stressful situations!

Hematoma after Breast Implant REmoval

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Certain risks could be uncommonly seen with all operations - allergic reactions, infections and bleeding.

Bleeding after surgery may be caused by a small bleeding vessel which was missed during surgery or vomiting or straining after surgery which causes bleeding. The collection of blood is called a hematoma; Greek for a swelling of blood. In all cases, a hematoma needs to be surgically removed to prevent infection and scarring in the pocket. Late hematoma is much rarer and may be related to something you did or happened to you (external trauma for example). The drained blood and fluid should be sent for culture to make sure it is not an infection.

In the vast majority of cases, the drainage of the blood, washing the pocket with antibiotic solution corrects the problem.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Hematoma after Breast Implant Removal?

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Thank you for the question.

It is possible, although unusual, to have a hematoma 5 weeks after surgery. More commonly seen is a fluid collection (seroma or older blood  collection)  as opposed to active bleeding.

Most importantly ( hopefully) you have been treated and the worse  is behind you.

Best wishes.

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