Is There Any Other Way to Get Rid of the Wrinkles Rather Than Injecting Neurotoxin Products?

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Many Ways to Treat Wrinkles Besides Botox

There are a lot of ways to treat wrinkles, and we would recommend you see a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to evaluate your wrinkles and to come up with a treatment plan that works with you. This should involve a skin care program and a sunscreen without question. Then, depending on your wrinkles, you and your clinician can determine whether a filler, a particular laser procedure, a skin tightening procedure or something else is the best plan for you.

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Treatment for wrinkles

Superficial wrinkles can be treated with quality skin care products containing Retin-A, such as Renova®(available by prescription) or Vitamin C, such as Obagi® serum, or by growth factor creams, such as Regenica® (available at your aesthetic dermatologis's office). Superficial wrinkles may also be successfully resurfaced using the Fraxel® laser, particularly around the eyes and mouth. Deeper wrinkles can be filled, particularly in the lower face by hyaluronic acid filers such as Belotero®, Restylane® or Juvederm®.

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Wrinkle Reducer

The best way to eliminate "dynamic" wrinkles is Xeomin.  These are wrinkles that form when you smile or frown or raise your eye brows.  For "static" wrinkes, which are wrinkles that are there when your face is at rest, the best answer is some sort of resurfacing with a laser or chemical peel.

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Neuromodulators in combination with other cosmetic treatments can help get rid of wrinkles.


There are two types of wrinkles: 1) Dynamic wrinkles, which means wrinkles that appear only when you move, and; 2) Static wrinkles, which are wrinkles that are always showing when you are at rest and not moving. There is also deep creasing, such as the deep "smile lines" around your mouth, which is caused by volume loss. 

A neuromodulator such as Xeomin, Botox, or Dysport can help to relax your muscles and prevent dynamic lines. Over time, they may also improve the appearance of static lines, but sometimes the lines are etched in too deeply to be corrected by a neuromodulator. In this case, your doctor can add some filler to smooth away the fine lines - the best product for this is currently Belotero.

A more involved approach would be laser resurfacing, which can include non-ablative fractional (like Fraxel re:store) to carbon dioxide ablative fractional (like Fraxel re:pair). Downtime is more significant for these treatments but in general these provide the most improvement for fine lines.

A combination of all these treatments and good skincare and sun protection can provide you with the best results! 

Please be sure to visit a reputable board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to make sure that you have optimal results.

I hope this helps!

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Is There Any Other Way to Get Rid of the Wrinkles Rather Than Injecting Neurotoxin Products?

Yes, there are a variety of options. The best option really depends upon what the wrinkles are caused by. Some wrinkles are caused by muscle activity. (Crow's feet, frown lines at the "11"s, forehead wrinkles) These are the ones ideally treated with neurotoxins. The wrinkles around the mouth are volume issues that can be treated with fillers. Other fine lines and wrinkles can improve with smoothing with lasers, peels, etc.

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Getting Rid of Wrinkles Other Than Xeomin or Neurotoxin

Thank you for your question.

Yes, a combination of injectable fillers and laser resurfacing can help fix wrinkles. However, if the muscles underneath the skin are very active, then the wrinkles are likely to come back.

To be sure what might be right for you, see two or more board certified and experienced plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation.

I hope this helps.

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Getting Rid of Wrinkles Xeomin

There are a variety of ways to get rid of wrinkles depending on there location, cause and severity. For very fine lines and wrinkles skin care with a retinol may help. Moderate wrinkles can be treated with laser resurfacing. More severe wrinkles and loose skin usually require surgery. Xeomin and other neurotoxins are effective at treating wrinkles that are caused by muscle activity.

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Xeomin injections over Botox in Los Angeles

Xeomin is an excellent modality to treat dynamic wrinkles and our office recommends the injections for first-timers over Botox. 

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

Los Angeles

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How to Minimize Wrinkles

There are many ways to minimize the appearance of wrinkles without injections! Depending on your individual skin condition and the types of wrinkles you have, laser skin resurfacing with ablative or a series of non-ablative fractionated lasers may be a good option. Ulthera skin tightening is also another way to minimize wrinkles and tighten skin without injections or surgery. High quality skin care products are also important in maintaining youthful looking skin. I suggest you visit a board-certified dermatologist for a consultation.

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Many Options

There are many options, I always tell patients the more invasive you get, the higher the chance of a dramatic result however you also get a higher chance of complications. Here are some options

1. Skin Care with Retinol - really, this is the most minimal but easiest you can do. Your skin will look fresher and potential more youthfull with a low risk of side effects. However, it wont show a dramatic change in wrinkles

2. Superficial chemical peels - Again, this is a great option but will not dramatically reduce wrinkles. It will improve your skin texture and make it appear more youthful.

3. Radio frequency Tightening- This is an option for areas that have wrinkles caused by loose skin. it has a low risk of side effects and can be very effective in the right person. There is no downtime so a great low risk option for some people

4. Superficial ablative laser treatments - This requires downtime and sedation. It can help remove fine lines and fine wrinkles with a low risk of permanent scarring and discoloration in the right people.

5. Ablative fractional lasers. - This is ideal for deeper wrinkles and fine wrinkles. Highly effective with 1-2 weeks of downtime.

6. Surgery - Many options, but surgery can sometimes fix problems with wrinkling.

Hope that helps.

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