Can I reverse a lower blepharoplasty? arcus marginalis release with fat repositioning (Photo)

I have hollow under eyes and upper eyelids after an upper and lower bleph. I can manage the hollowness of the upper eyelids with fillers, but don't know if fillers will be enough for the lower eyelids. I feel like my actual eyeball has sunk back into the orbit from repositioning the fat. The surgeon also removed fat from the lateral parts of my eyes. I should have just had the tear troughs filled instead of repositioning fat and removing it. Will fillers be enough?

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Of course this can be filled with fillers.

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The questions is simply a matter of how much filler you need.  Please do not let anyone fill this area with radiesse or Juvederm.  It is important to find someone who is really good at filling the under eye area.  From the photos, I do not think you are that bad and it is certainly worth your while to seek out this type of treatment.

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