Is There Research Moving Towards Being Able to Do Butt Injections of Fat with a Donor's Fat?

There are a lot of women who want to get butt injections of fat instead of implants (due to the different results). However, smaller women don't have enough fat on their own bodies that can be liposuctioned, harvested and reinjected to the butt and hip area. Is there research being done to see how compatible or likely to be able to harvest fat from a liposuctioned patient and use it for butt injections on a different patient. Basically having a fat donor to get butt/hips injections

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Fat grafts need to come from yourself

Unless you have an identical twin (genetically the same as you), you must donate your own fat.  Fat from anyone else will be rejected and absorbed and can make you potentially very ill.  No research will be done here because you can't cheat mother nature.

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Medicines for anti reject fat fillers from another person are more expensives than the own surgery/no usar grasa de otra persona

of course than exsists investigations  about another person fat grafting  but  the anti reject medicines  would be 3 times  as expensives like your own surgery so it is not  sage, but  exsists synthetic materials like  macrolane to refill your butts

claro que exsisten investigaciones para relleno de grasa de otras personas pero la utilizacion de  medicamentos anti rechazo  resultaria mas del doble de caro que la propia operacion, pero exsisten rellenos como el macrolane que funciona satisfactoriamente

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No, but....

There is research underway to harvest fat from patients who are otherwise too skinny for fat transfer, and then grow a large amount of fat cells in a laboratory setting. That fat can then be theoretically transferred back into the same person who would have otherwise been too skinny.



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Not a good idea

We do transplantation between individuals and put patients on anti-rejection medication -- this is only done for medically necessary procedures that will save your life. I don't believe that this should be done for cosmetic reasons. There are many side effects of anti rejection medications that are dangerous. This should not be taken lightly. Also at the present time, large volume fillers are not available, and I think it will be a very long time before they will be used for butt fill. There are un-licensed people injecting all sorts of toxic stuff that you should stay away from.


Butt fill is an imperfect procedure. It's time has not come yet.

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