Is There Any Research Being Done Among Cosmetic Surgeons for a Laparoscopic Technique to Remove Visceral Fat?

I am of normal weight, w/severe intra-abdominal fat to the point where I look 9 mos. pregnant.It is not bloating.Exercise & diet do not reduce it.It is not only a cosmetic concern, it has put severe strain on my back.I know there is currently no cosmetic procedure to remove visceral fat,but is there any research being done on laparoscopy?I know its been safely removed with this technique in bariatric procedures,but I think that such a procedure for normal weight individuals would be ver popular.

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You may have a complex abdominal wall problem rather than visceral fat.

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This is a difficult question to answer without examining you in person.  It is an almost impossible question to answer without photos.

If you are at or near normal weight then I am doubtful that you have isolated visceral fat deposits that are creating an appearance of pregnancy.  Instead you may have a complex abdominal wall hernia, rectus diastasis, or both.  I just repaired an abdominal wall hernia as described in my Salt Lake City plastic surgery practice.  The patient was referred by her OB-Gyn because she still looked 9 months pregnant 2 years after her last child.  She is overjoyed at her results.

In this case no visceral fat was removed, I just performed a "component separation abdominal wall reconstruction" at the same time as her tummy tuck and it made all the difference in the world for her.

You need to consult with a plastic surgeon who is familiar not only with performing tummy tucks, but who also has experience with "component separation abdominal wall reconstruction".

Good luck!

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