Is there a way to reduce the ear size not pinning (octoplasty)?

I have really big ears, not ears which protrude but ears which are big in size, is there a surgery for ear size reduction not pinning them back? If so, i would like to see some before and after pictures if possible.

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Reducing "big" ears

Absolutely, there are ways to alter the size if ears beside the "standard" otoplasty procedure. Typical otoplasty is designed to accentuate the anti-helical fold to bring the upper pole of the ear closer to the head, or reduce a prominent concha to bring in the mid portion of the ear. You can have the height of the ear reduced by decreasing the scapha of the ear (the portion between the anti-helical fold and the helical rim). Ear lobe size can also be reduced and the earlobe can also be brought closer to the head as well. 

Seek the opinion of a surgeon that listens carefully to your needs, otherwise you might get sold a "standard" otoplasty.

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