Is There a Rebate Available for Juvederm?

Hi, I'd like to have some injections of juvederm and botox done but since it's costly, I wondered if there are any rebates available? 

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Juvederm rebate

Thank you for your question. The manufacturers of Juvederm will often promote their products with rebates or other specials. I would check with your injector to see if they participate in these programs and whether there is something going on as the promotions are not always available and do change.

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$100 off from Allergan's Brillian Distinctions

There is a "Duet Program" right now being offered by Allergan until mid November.  It is for $100 off if you buy 1 syringe of Juvederm and spend at least $200 of Botox.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Grant Stevens

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Botox and Juvederm specials

Yes,, until November 30, 2011 there is a special of $100 off if you do Juvederm and Botox on the same day. you will also get $50 off of a future treatment. This is called the Duet program. This is offered by the offices that use a lot of these products. The only requirement is that you register for it. The offices that participate in this "Brilliant Distinctions" program can tell you more about it when you call for your appointment.It is very easy to register to get these benefits. You can go to the Botox site to see who the largest users of these products are in your area.This is also where you would register for the Brilliant Distinctions program.

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DUET rebate Juvederm + Botox

Come in for a "duet" treatment (Botox and Juvederm during the same office visit) and you can get an instant $100 rebate from the manufacturer, Allergan, if you are a Brillaint Distinctions member.  If not, you can either get a mail-in rebate, or, most offices can sign you up for the Brilliant Distinctions program on the spot.  

To qualify, you must get both treatments during the same office visit, prior to Nov 30th. Minimum purchase is $200 of Botox and one syringe of Juvederm. 

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Is There a Rebate Available for Juvederm?

These rebates add additional reams of paper work to the patient and office staff. And at best the rebate is only a $100 if you use the larger volumes of Botox & Juvederm XC. My impression is most rebates are less than $50. Thus in my practice if someone requests the rebate "deal" I offer a 10% discount on the total fee of the BOTOX + Juverderm. So if full treatment of Botox and 2 syringes of Juvederm are used my patient receives 10% in  office rebate of in this case $165 to the total. Less paper work, patients feel I'm saving them more $, and no waiting for that rebate check. Just the way I do it! 

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Rebate for Juvederm XC plus Botox

Until November 30 there is a "duet" rebate of $100 when having both procedures done at the same visit.  Only practices with larger volume purchases are receiving the rebate certificates to give to their patients.

You may want to visit the Allergan website, identify high level practitioners in your area and call around to see if they are offering the rebates.  

Madeline Krauss, MD
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Yes, there is a rebate for Juvederm but you have to purchase Botox cosmetic at the same time. In our practice, we have seen that this new initiative has helped patients. It is 100 rebate for patients that get both done, subject to quantities that the company specifies.

Kenneth Beer, MD
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Duet rebate for Botox and Juvederm

Sort of. There is a rebate if you receive a minimum of $200 of Botox Cosmetic AND Juvederm XC on the same day. The amount of the rebate varies from $25-$100 depending on the office's purchasing level within Allergan. If offices don't purchase enough boxes per time, then they wouldn't qualify for any of the rebates. So the rebate amount depends, and you'd have to check with the office that you plan to go to to see if they have any rebates and how much the discount is.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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