Is There Ever a Reason to Remove Implants and Not Replace Them Besides ALCL?

If a woman has capsular contracture in one breast, why would a plastic surgeon need to remove both implants and capsules if neither implant was ruptured or leaking why remove the implants? Shouldn't you just remove the capsule?

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Do implants need to be removed for capsular contracture?

It depends on many factors - how old are the implants, are they thought to be intact on imaging?  At some point, implants will need to be removed and replaced anyway.  It would be unusual to take out an implant, do the capsule surgery, and replace the same implant - and removing the capsule without removing the implant is difficult.    If the implants are intact and the capsule is not bothering you, you might consider just waiting.  I don't see the connection between your question and ALCL.    You can always remove implants and not replace them if that is what you choose.  You may decide to have surgery on just the affected side, but if your implants are older, it might be a better idea to change out both implants.   Your surgeon might detect a milder contracture on the other side - best to ask him/her what the rationale is! 

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