Is There Any Reason to Take a Course on '6 Month Smile' After Knowing 'Invisalign'?

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Six Month Smiles and Invisalign

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I practice general dentistry and for the last 6 years have been doing invisalign and very successfully. If you are a general dentist with a lot of ortho experience with wires and brackets, I guess you do not need the course to do it. It seems that in order to use their Six Month Smile Products, like Invislaign, you will need to complete the course requirements before they let you be a provider. That would just make sense to me as a professional, but than I could be very wrong!I will be taking the class soon and I have tremendous admiration for Dr. Swain's program. It is a faster and cheaper method of just fixing the smile only for adults who want it done NOW! 

Van Nuys Dentist

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