Is There a Way to Pull/build Molars "Back Up" After Mild Impacting from Grinding?

After a botched occlussal adjustment that I did not need (had an perfect bite before), my bite started putting extreme pressure on my back molar teeth when I ate and slept (suddenly became a horizontal "bite up and down" grinder) , and the constant pressure seems to have caused my teeth to sink up into the gums (or something) because none of my back teeth, left or right, now touch, and my front teeth now collide, which has never once happened before. What can be done about missing molar height?

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Can I build up a molar?

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If your problem is a less than idea occl. adjustment a tooth can be built up, with bonding or a crown. In most cases more than one tooth would need treatment. I suggest you have upper and lower models done with a bite registration done and review with your dentist or new dentist. In most cases a dentist just doesn't adjust a bite unless the patient is having issues or request care... After the models you may want to consider a dental office that uses neuromuscular dental diagnosis and a computer analysis to have your bite recorded before any additional care and treatment. Good Luck


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