Are There Any Products or Lasers That Will Slow or Pause Hair Growth on a Mans Face?

About 10 years ago, I saw a news segment which showed a man getting laser on his beard hair to pause or slow hair regrowth temporarily. I've searched everywhere on the net and cant seem to find anything that will do this. Is there somehow anyway to slow or temporarily pause the regrowth of facial hair on a man so we don't shave as often?

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Hair growth on man's face

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There are a few cosmetic products on the market that claim to slow down facial hair growth in men. Many contain the ingredient saw palmetto.  There is not a great amount of clinical evidence that these help all men but they are safe and you might want to try. Many such products are marketed as a "post shave soother". When you stop using them the hair regrowth resumes at it's normal rate. Again, these products do not help all men. 

Lasers provide options to permanently remove hair. Laser hair removal is increasingly common in men for removal of chest hair. It is rarely done for facial hair given that it is a permanent effect. 



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