Is There Anything That Can Be Done to Prevent Eventual Disembowelment from Belt Lift?

A circumferential belt lipectomy was counter productive for my issues of overliposuction to thighs and buttocks. Too much belly inner leg and side tissue removed that could have helped with suspension. Now I fear terrible things are about to happen all the time. My plastic surgeons don't want me to come see them for evaluation. I have no where to turn for advice because other doctors just send me for exrays and say my bones are okay.

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You always have the option of other opinions

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Unless you live in very remote location and are unable to travel, you should indeed be able to find another plastic surgeon (or two) to give you another opinion.

Based on your question, it seems that you have some significant worries, and perhaps you'll find answers with plastic surgeons outside your local area.

Good luck!

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