Are There Precautions I Can Take to Reduce the Amt of Excess Skin While I Lose Weight?

Iam a lap band patient, just got it done two months ago, have already lost 34lbs. Are there precautions I can take to help tighten my skin and reduce the amt of excess skin as I lose weight. I already exercise regularly, I have problems sweating(I don't sweat much at all), so is there a proactive approach to tightening up the skin as the weight comes off? how effective is it?

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Excess Skin with the Lap-Band

With the Lap-Band, weight loss is gradual, maintaining muscle mass and skin elasticity. The ideal weight loss with Lap-Band surgery is one to two pounds per week. If Lap-Band patients eat a nutritious diet and are physically active they should not have any signigicant loss of muscle or skin elasticity as they lose weight. How much excess skin a person has after they attain their goal weight will depend on a number of factors, including their age, how long they were obese, how much weight they had to lose, the quality of their diet, genetics, and their overall level of health and fitness.

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