Are There Pre-surgery Exercises or Stretches to Help Alleviate TT Recovery Back Pain? (photo)

I've read several reviews on the back pain patients have during recovery from TT. I can see that the spine (lumbar musculature) would not be accustomed to holding our upper torso in a bent over position while ambulating. Are there exercise or stretches that I can do this week so my back won't be so sore during recovery? Is a heating pad acceptable for this area of the body for relief ? (I know the abdomen is numb and subject to burning from an external source). My core is pretty well developed.

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Pre-operative back exercises prior to abdominoplasty/TT

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In general terms patients do not need to do pre-operative back exercises prior to abdominoplasty/TT, but certainly the stronger your "core" the better the chances you would have of doing better post-op.  But still expect some back pain (I too recommend walking/sleeping "hunched over" for the first 2 weeks post-op).  Therefore, keep up your "core" strength building if you are doing it, add it if you want.  Post-op, a heating pad to the back will probably help.  Do not use heating pad on abdomen because, as you pointed out, the lower abdominal skin is numb and you may burn yourself.  Best of luck to you.

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