Is There ANY Potential of Burning/blistering with CO2 Laser? Are my Acne Scars Suitable for Treatment with a CO2 Laser? (photo)

I would love to improve the appearance of my acne scars. Some doctors are telling me subcision + fillers are the best answers, others are recommending the CO2 laser. I am concerned about being burned as I am a dark brown south Asian. What are the risks of using this laser on someone with my complexion?

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First of all, you have BEAUTIFUL eyes, so enjoy your youth and don’t lose sight of the beauty you have.  I agree that physical exam is best.  Young patients may prefer minimal trimming of eyelid skin that doesn’t lower the brow.  Also consider that you can elevate the brow with minimal amounts of filler, in addition to reshaping of the brow with botox.  Surgical browlifting is a bigger procedure, and is much less popular because satisfactory results can be achieved with minimally invasive treatments.  The most important decision you make is the facial artist/expert that you choose.  Good Luck!

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