Is There Permanent Treatment for Inner Eyelid Scar Tissue?

I had Steven's Johnson's syndrome at age 15(I am now 42). It left me w/scar tissue under my eyelids.This scar tissue rubs against my cornea making my eyes feel like I have specks of sand in my eyes. I have resorted to using disposable contacts as a "buffer" to protect my cornea against the irritation caused by the scar tissue. In addition, I developed chronic dry eyes because the scar tissue has blocked the oil producing glands in my lids. Long term contact use has worsened the dryness. Help!

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Stevens-Johnson syndrome

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   Pictures and exam would be instructive, because this not likely an easy answer after Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Burn victims usually have a similar array of eyelid problems that are managed in a variety of ways depending how the area has scarred as well as the condition of the surrounding periorbita.

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