Is There a Permanent Solution for Eyelid Ptosis? Or at Least a Long Lasting One.

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Eyelid ptosis surgery

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Eyelid ptosis surgery is usually permanent, or as permanent as things get in nature considering normal aging phenomenon.  There are various ptosis surgery technique.  Consult an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Permanent treatment for eyelid ptosis

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Eyelid ptosis is a specific term describing heaviness or drooping of one or both eyelids on the surface of the eye.  This differs from a condidtion called dermatochalasis, which describes looseness and droopiness of the skin of the upper eyelid, but not the lid itself.


There is indeed a surgical correction for eyelid ptosis that is a straightforward and reliable procedure.  Please make sure your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon who has experience with this procedure, as an excellent repair requires precision.


All the best.

Dr. Skourtis

Mia E. Skourtis, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Eyelid ptosis is best evaluated by an oculoplastic surgeon.

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There is not enough space here to discuss the differences in training between various surgical subspecialties.  However, oculoplastic surgeons are board certified ophthalmologists and fellowship trained in eyelid plastic surgery.  No other speciality has the same depth of training in eyelid plastic surgery.  You can find a highly qualified oculoplastic surgeon by looking on the website for the American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for their geographic directory to help you locate a surgeon in your area.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Is There a Permanent Solution for Eyelid Ptosis? Or at Least a Long Lasting One.

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Yes, there is a surgery called ptosis repair.  The exact technique will depend on your findings.  See an Oculoplastic surgeon who specializes in this.

Sam Goldberger, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

Eyelid ptosis

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Yes there is usually a long lasting or permanent solution to a droopy eyelid.  There are several different operations to correct eyelid ptosis.   Which operation is appropriate depends of the cause and the surgeons experience.  A board certified plastic surgeon would be able to guide you towards the best options for you.

Jeffrey Thaxton, MD
Charleston Plastic Surgeon

Reliable options for eyelid ptosis repair

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The most common cause of eyelid ptosis or drooping in adults is a loosening or disconnection of the muscle that lifts the eyelid from its attachment or anchor point on the eyelid itself.  This progresses with age, sometimes showing first with symptoms only at night or when tired but eventually being observed all day long.  Repair procedures will restore the normal lid height -above the pupil, almost at the top of the iris.  In general, I prefer the levator advancement procedure where the thinned portion of the attachment is removed and the muscle reattached at the correct length. 

Lawrence Bass, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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