Will There Be Permanent Skin or Muscle Damage if I Get my Jaw Implants Removed After Having Them for Less Than a Week?

I had jaw implants a few days ago and as the swelling goes down I'm starting to realize that I'm not liking the results. It looks too large and exaggerated. I miss my old face and smile.

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Removal Of Jaw Implants

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I am not sure where the implants were placed. Are they mandibular angle implants, cheek implants, chin implants, etc?  There should be no long lasting problems if you have them removed.  There are always the same risks for the removal surgery as the placement surgery such as infection, pain, swelling etc.  There should not be any permanent damage to skin or muscle with the removal.  I would give it some more time though since you are most likely still swollen from the surgery which often gives the appearance of exaggerated facial proportions.  Talk to your surgeon

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