Is There a Such Thing As Paying to Much? I See Great Results Here for Less Than What I've Been Finding. (photo)

I recently went on consultations for mommy makeover and thigh plasty in nj. I am 5"1 135lbs and 35. Like other women have some sagging skin from pregnancies and fluctuation in weight. He quoted me 23k for bl, ba, Tt, lipo of flanks and muscle repair. And another 15kfor a thigh lift. I'm not shopping for the lowest price but I think this is a little excessive. It seems that most ppl are paying way under 20k for mommy makeover. Is this the trend in NJ? Or are these prices inflated? Any opinions?

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We all have different fees, make sure that the credentials are all equal and then go for a second or third opinion. There is usually a certain break point where paying more wont give you better --- but paying less may be an issue.

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Price, fees, and results

This is the age old question value( results) versus cost (surgeon, anesthesia, facility fees)

It's not all money: 1) credentials( board certification, what type of board, hospital privileges  or lack thereof, society memberships). 2) medical licensure( check your surgeons record), 3) experience( how many cases has he/she performed, can you talk with previous patients? 4) does plastic surgeon use accredited facilities and anesthesia providers. 5) are revisional procedures, when needed, included in the original price? 6)are the higher fees related to the location of the surgeon office  zip code not their outcomes?

most importantly, interview/consult at least 3 plastic surgeon, see who your personality best clicks with. Make sure they are reasonably local to your home ( easier to make post operative appointments and if you do have a untoward event easier to be seen)

The old adage "you get what you pay for" still holds. Go to Real Self and view there fees by procedures. Do your research, know what you want and don't be "penny wise and pound foolish"

Cost of Mommy Makeover

Even though i agree with the plastic surgeon who said that you have to be careful about the quality of "cheap" plastic surgery, the prices you quote do seem very high. The total price for a mastopexy-augmentation and tummy tuck together is more in the neighborhood of $10-11K in this area.The cost of living and doing business is lower here in Tulsa, so I would expect prices here to be lower than in other urban areas.

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Every surgeon sets their own pricing and there are several factors that are considered. For example, surgical facility costs, anesthesia, technique, technologies applied during surgery, and many other factors need to be considered.

If you are happy with your choice and trust that s/he will do a good job, then it may be worth it. However, it may be worth seeking a second opinion from another surgeon who you can trust.

Cost for your Mommy Makeover

Every surgeon has a different fee and these will certainly very. Keep in mind that you can't make judgments based on prices that others state here on Realself because it doesn't always tell the whole picture. Their fee may seem lower, but does that include the anesthesia and facility fee? Does it include the Implants? What about the garments? You get the point. Some advertised fees are artificially low because they don't include everything. Also. not all Mommy Makeovers are the same. People need different procedures so the prices are different. Seek a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is an expert at this, and don't shop for the cheapest rate.....that would be a big mistake. 

Prices vary

ti is difficult to know who to pick as a surgeon, and unfortunately there is no perfect way to know.  Paying more does not necessarily buy a better operation.   I would suggest seeing another PS in your area to see if those prices are reasonable to you.  Those prices are higher than prices in Richmond, VA, but may be the norm in New Jersey.  If that is the usual price, you will need to decide wether you want to stay close for  high price, or travel for a lower price.   

Also, as others have said, if you find a lower price, make sure the doctors credentials are all correct. 

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Sometimes finding the right surgeon is easy, sometimes not.  I am not saying the price is too high as everyone has the right to charge what they want to.  You are the one to decide if the value is there.   It would seem prudent to consider a few other consultations with other qualified doctors in your area.  Look at their before and after photos to determine what they can do in the best of circumstances.  It is not a guarantee of your result, but at least shows what they are capable of.  At that point you can make an informed decision about value. 

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Is There a Such Thing As Paying Too Much? I See Great Results Here for Less Than What I've Been Finding.

               You are right to look for surgeons based upon quality and not price.  However, sometimes you can find superior quality that is affordable.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast augmentation, breast lift, and tummy tuck procedures each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

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Is There a Such Thing As Paying to Much?

That sounds like a lot but I am in the midwest and prices vary by region and by surgeons. I would get a few more quotes and start there. Prices have nothing to do with surgical skill so you should pick your surgeon based on referrals, before/after pictures, online reviews, and if you feel comfortable as a patient.

Cosmetic surgery cost too high? Get other opinions and you will have your answer.

Normally you have to  be evaluated in person to decide on a proper surgical plan, and then decide what costs are involved in that EXACT operation or set of procedures. But let's use some "averages." Here in Minneapolis, breast augmentation plus full lift is about $10,300, and complete tummy tuck (I always include muscle repair) with lipo flanks is about $9,400. If done at the same operation (7 hours of surgery) this would be around $19,500.

So $23K for NJ is not out of line, but $3500 "extra" will buy you a round-trip plane ticket to Minneapolis, hotel, and private nurse with change to spare! Medial thigh lift prices here in Minneapolis are about $9700. These cost estimates include surgeon's professional fee, anesthesia fees, operating room, compression garment(s), silicone implants, and all consultation and post-op care fees. We even include free sodas, tea, coffee, or water in the recovery room!

But to find out if your local surgeon's fees (not to mention qualifications and skills) are competitive with similarly experienced ABPS-certified plastic surgeons in your area, see one or more and get additional opinions. Your time will be well-spent, and your $$ expenditure may well be justified (or reduced). You may also be interested in the web reference link below. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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