Is There Any Pain Involved with Fillers?

I know that a numbing agents applied before treatment with fillers. Is this injected or applied to skin? I am interested in filler for under my eyes. I am 41 and currently get Botox for my 11 lines but have noticed dark and sunken appearance that I hate. I love my Botox results and feel that fillers would really make me look great. I just hope my whole face will be numb so I do not feel those needles! Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

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There is not much discomfort with fillers if the chiller is used while injecting.

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I have found that having the patients hold a tube blowing ice cold air (the chiller unit) on the skin while i inject botox or fillers does a lot more in reducing the discomfort of the shots more so than any topical numbing cream. Also the chiller constricts the blood vessels because of the ice cold and therefore there is less bruising also as well as less swelling. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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