Is There Any Other Way to Open The Tear Gland Without a Surgery? (photo)

I have a swell on both eyes, I went to the eye clinic to check and the doctor said my tear gland was blocked and needed to be opened but as I live in Ghana where health care especially the eyes are at a premium and I cant afford but use the health insurance, I am scared I might not get the right treatment. And also going for an eye surgery scares me, is there any other way to treat it without going for a surgery?

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Eyelid Explaination

Your "bumps" are not lacrimal gland (tear gland) issues.  An obstructed (clogged)  sebaceous (oil) or eccrine/merocrine (sweat) gland could cause your "bumps."  Fifteen minute warm compresses and gentle massage four times a day over the next month may help, but it would be wise to see an ophthalmologist.    

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Not the tear gland

The problem you have posted is not your tear gland. It is likely an oil or sweat gland within the eyelid that is clogged.

Besides surgery, conservative therapy with warm compresses [15 minutes, three times a day, for 4-6 weeks] might improve it.

If that doesn't work, an injection with 5FU can also help. Steroid injections are helpful too, but can cause skin pigment changes, especially in darker skinned individuals.

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Eyelid bump

This bump is not the tear gland it is an old infection of the lubricating glands of the eye. An injection of 1/10 of a cc of kenalog 10 and a second injection in4 weeks if necessary. Dont worry be happy.

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These are unrelated to the tear gland.


These two bumps have nothing to do with tear glands

The bump in the right upper eyelid could be an old chalazia.  A history of eyelid pain, and swelling with a stye in the eyelid in this location would be consistent with this diagnosis.  The treatment is observation or if it bothers you an injection of Kenalog.  If the Kenalog is ineffective, chalazia surgery, an office procedure could be performed.  The left upper eyelid lesion appears to be a Moll cyst.  If the bump transmits light shone from one edge of it, this is would represent that the lesion is composed of a fluid filled sac consistent with the diagnosis of a Moll cyst.  This is unrelated to the tear gland.  Treatment is simple observation or if the appearance bothered you, simple excision.  The described surgeries should be perform by a residency trained ophthalmologist.


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