Will There Be a Noticeable Difference Between a 400cc or 375cc Cohesive Gel Implant Placed Under the Muscle?

I am going for my BA next Wednesday. My breast width is 12.4cm and i am a Small 34b. I had originally decided on the 400cc but when I seen that the 375cc offered the same projection and was closer to my natural width I started to second guess myself. I know the volume difference is only 25cc, but I want what will look most natural on me. I am also afraid of looking Too BIG!.. Or too small for that matter.

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Difference of 25 cc in Breast Implants Significant?

The 25 cc difference in breast implant volume will likely not be significant clinically. I would suggest that you spend additional time communicating your goals with your plastic surgeon and allow him/her to choose the breast implant that will best meet your goals. Generally speaking, the most common regret after this operation is “I wish I was bigger”.

 Best wishes with your upcoming procedure.

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Implant size

I would not worry too much about the 25cc difference.  Remember a dose of Nyquil in the plastic cup is 30ccs.  The time taken at your plastic surgeons office is invaluable to determining your idea of size.  I usually tell patients that if you are going between two close sizes-take the bigger one because usually you will wish you had.  The most common post-op concern is that the breasts are not big enough even though their concern on the initial visit was that "I don't want to be too big".  I think you will be fine with the high profile gel implants.

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