Are There Natural Methods of Dealing with Receding Gums?

What types of cosmetic surgery would also help with receding gums? Is it really the only guaranteed solution?

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Receding Gums

First go to a perio to try to find out what is causing the gums to be receding, because it is important to know that there is no method that can guarantee that the receding gums will revert, so find a solution soon.

Receding gums-what are the options?

Receding gums treatments are as varied as their causes.  The first point is to discover the cause and get it under control.  This could include periodontal disease, grinding (bruxing), tooth position (orthodontic), brushing, decay, diet/health issues and possibly a combination of other issues.  Once this done, sometimes the correction is clear.  It might involve periodontal treatment which could include surgery or grafting of tissue or repositioning to cover exposed roots.  It could involve moving teeth as with braces or Invisalign.  It could involve a grinding splint sometimes called a nightguard.  It could include oral hygiene correction.  Or could involve a combination of the above or sometimes nothing is corrected but the situation is stabilized and monitored.  Your dentist can see these things more clearly and help you find a solution.  Good Luck!

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