Is There Any Way to Make my Jawline Shaper (At the Angles) Without Making It Wider (photo)?

i have a round jawline and it's not due to fat but the actual jaw bone is round, is there a way to make it sharper but without making it wider? thank you!

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There are several approaches to consider

I would need to see your profile view, but sometime (if appropriate), a chin implant can provide the impression on the frontal view of longer jawline.  I doubt you need cheek implants, but this can also give the impression of a narrower lower face.  Finally, sometimes the masseter muscle, which causes some of the wideness in the lower face, can be weakened chemically (e.g. Botox) or surgically excised.  Additionally, if it is actually the bone of the jaw bone (mandible) that is wide, it can be surgically narrowed (but this is quite invasive and painful---fyi, this is a common procedure in Asia for this very problem).  I'd recommend that you get a couple of opinions before proceding.  Good luck!

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Is There Any Way to Make my Jawline Shaper (At the Angles) Without Making It Wider (photo)?

There are a couple of options. It is hard to tell exactly what would be the best option based on the single photo you've provided, however. Botox can be used to slim the masseter muscle in patients with a large muscle. This has the result of slimming the lower face. Fillers can be used to accentuate the jawline and while this does slightly widen the jaw, the amount of widening is subtle. Lastly, buccal fat can be removed from the cheek to slim the lower face. Again, these are some of the options but to determine what would best suit you, a consultation would be required. I hope this information is helpful.

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