Is There Something I Can Do About my Asymmetrical Face? (photo)

Is something that really bothers me. Whenever I have to take a frontal picture is super noticeable. I was wondering if there was any procedure I could use. I would very much prefer a non invasive one, I'm fine with injectables. I'm 20 years old Thank you very much.

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Is There Something I Can Do About my Asymmetrical Face

Everybody has slight facial asymmetry! Yours though I see a few issues is acceptable. Better you focus upon other issues than these in your life. 

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Asymmetrical face

from your photos, you can get a lot of facial balance with injectable fillers. In canada, we have Voluma which is an HA that lasts 18 month before a refill would be required. In the US, there are others as well. Voluma is coming into the US shortly. We have found it to be great in turns of effectiveness, feel, and patient satisfaction

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