Is There Anything I Can Do About my Asymmetrical Eyes? (photo)

I'm an African American lady and my eyes are horribly asymmetrical. The lids are definitely uneven, one eye is perfect and the other droops down. I think my eyes might be different too (actual eyes). Is there anything I can do either naturally or surgically to fix it?

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Asymmetric eyes

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Both of your eyes have droopy upper eyelids, right more than left. See an oculoplastic surgeon for consideration of ptosis surgery.

Upper Eyelid Ptosis Repair

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Both eyelids have a bit of ptosis with the right eyelid being lower than the left eye. Their positions and symmetry could be improved with ptosis repair techniques.

Asymmetrical eyelids

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You have some ptosis. There are different ways to correct the problem surgically. Best bet is to consult with an ophthalmic plastic surgeon.

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Yes, your uneven eyelids can be improved

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It looks as though your upper eyelids as well as your lower eyelids are a little uneven. Both can be improved with cosmetic eyelid surgery. The upper lids will require a minimal ptosis procedure to raise the actual level a little bit.

Richard Weiss, MD
Newport Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon
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