Is There More Than One Type of Cement or Adhesive that can Be Used for Lumineers?

It seems there are a lot of problems with lumineers not staying on well, or chipping and cracking. Does a dentist get to choose the type of cement or adhesive they use when putting on Lumineers, or is there one that the company recommends and/or provides?

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There is no Simple Answer!

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The problem can be occurring for a number of reasons.  I think the adhesive itself is probably not solely to blame.  I agree with Dr. Greenhalgh above that the experience level of the dentist has more to do with it than anything other than the fact that Lumineers are truly not the best veneers available today.


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I think the dentist below answered this question very well.  The primary reasons for debonding are:

1) Improper bonding techniques

2) Bite issues which put unnatural forces on the veneers

3)  Lumineers that are too big and interfere with the chewing cycle which in turn dislodges them.


This is in no way infererring that your dentist is not doing a good job for you, When you go back to get it fixed ask these questions.



Ronald Konig DDS
Houston Dentist

Why do Lumineers Chip or Crack?

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You asked about adhesives. I believe you are wondering if the problem of chipping or cracking might be caused by the adhesive. The real issue has to do more with the precision and balance of the bite. Lumineers or other type of porcelain veneers should not ordinarily chip or break. Working with a highly experienced cosmetic dentist should help you get great results.

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