Is There a Medicine That Can Be Given Post Operative to Help You Wake Up Faster?

I just had a gallbladder(lap) and it went well, my issue I have numerous surgeries 7knee, hernia repair and now gallbladder. I have had epidural for most of the knee procedures which I love, well with General anesthesia it just takes a lot longer than normal time for me to wake up. Is there something I can get that will quicken this process?

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Medications in surgery for a quicker recovery.

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This is best answered by your anesthesiologist. Typically, limiting narcotics, using propofol (fast acting/short lived anesthetic), and the use of local anesthesia as and adjunct are recommended.

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Quick wake up

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Everybody's body will react differently to drugs.Propofal is a quick and short acting anesthetic agent.Also discuss this with your anesthesiologist before the surgey.

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Wake Up Faster?

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This is something to discuss with the anesthesiologist. It is possible to do a tummy tuck with an epidural supplemented with sedation and local anesthesia if your surgeon and anesthesiologist concur with that plan. Be prepared when you speak with the anesthesiologist to have your anesthesia records from previous surgeries. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

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Quick recovery from anesthesia

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Quick recovery from anesthesia is not dependent on anything you can do, but rather on what the anesthesiologist does.  Modern agents such as Propofol are so short acting that patients usually wake up very nicely in short order.  Discuss this with your anesthesiologist.

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