Are There Medications E.g. for Cholesterol or Any Others That Could Be Contraindicators for a Successful Lipo Procedure?

I'm 59 with excellent skin and I'm in excellent physical condition. I'm thinking about having abdominal lipo. No one ever seems to ask about what part medications could have in these procedures.

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Medications to avoid prior to liposuction.

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If you are in excellent physical health, likely you are not taking many medications.  The largest class of medications to avoid are those which could cause increased bleeding / bruising.  This includes Aspirin, Motrin, ibuprofen, advil, coumadin, warfarin and many other medications which have these medications in their ingredients.  Some herbal supplements,  Vitamin E and red wine have also been implicated in causing more bruising after surgery so it is frequently requested that the patient stop these at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. A full disclosure of the medications or supplements you take to your plastic surgeon allows them to choose those which you can continue and those which you should stop.

Medications that should be stopped before liposuction

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You should tell your surgeon all of the medications and supplements you're taking, as they can then let you know which should be stopped for your safety. Generally speaking, however, you should avoid aspirin-containing products, anti-inflammatories and  blood thinners (e.g. coumadin, warfarin, anacrot). However, it's always best to ask your surgeon for their advice, as it may be different.

Making Liposuction A Lot Safer with Talking to Your Doctor About Your Medications.

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Yes, it is important to review what medications, what supplements, and what vitamins you might be taking before liposuction. Why? well first you asked about cholesterol meds, commonly these are "statins" like lipitor, but although not common this can cause liver inflammation, and healthy liver function is important to clear out from the body the lidocaine that is part of the tumescent anesthesia that all liposuction uses, so not stopping the statins, but simply screening with a recent blood test for liver, kidney function, making sure these are normal, as well as a simple blood and platelet count are reasonable. as well as ProTime and PTT, these can be considered to exclude as well predispositions to ease of bleeding.  But almost more important are the "hidden meds" that predispose to ease of bleeding, mainly baby aspirin, Excedrin, Anacin, and as well the ibuprofen, naprosyn, ie Advil, and Alleve, these are commonly stopped in the one to two weeks before your procedure, and then there's antioxidants, such as supplements that are high in Vitamin E, Primrose, or Flaxseed Oil, and a whole group of natural drugs such as Ginseng, Ginko, St John's Wart, and perhaps even Tumeric, so you need to review with you Doctor not just you prescription meds, but literally all that you are taking prescribed and almost. more importantly nonprescribed.

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