Is There a Medical Reason to Remove my Tail of Spence?

I have a tail of spence and it is quite large, it is usually not painful but it is very uncomfortable and embarrasing to show in public. I don't know if it will be expensive to get this surgically removed with a plastic surgeon or if my insurance will actually cover this. my question is is there a medical reason that the doctor will point out so that my insurance will cover it or if it's just a matter of me getting it removed on my own and having to pay for it out of pock

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Treating the Tail of Spence

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The tail of spence is a portion of breast tissue which comes in at puberty and usually turns to fat in one's 20's.  Some have unattractive areas, and some women actually have large breast tissue with associated nipples or milk ducts. 


In my practice, I refer to this area as axillary breast tissue and I normally liposuction it out at the time of breast augmentation.  I remove it for free, both because it is unattractive and detracts from my breast augmentation, and also because I have had a patient who died from breast cancer in this area.  Often, people don't check this area until it is too late.


I am sorry, I don't do any insurance and don't have any idea whether insurance would pay for this.  I doubt insurance will pay, but please seek the advice and recommendations of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area who accepts insurance.

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