Is There Any Way to Lower the Nasal Bridge and Nasion Radix of Nose? (photo)

The nasal bridge and height of nasion radix of nose is high as my face is flat and doesnt match along with face. It has really become an nightmare for me as I see myself every morning in mirror.I think my eye has gone sunk deep and hollow it might be reason, my nasion/radix appear bigger.I would be really grateful if there is any surgery to reduce radix and nasal bridge of my nose or is there any way where I can add fats in eye to raise it upper level which make radix/nasion reduced.

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You better be carefull because if you visit enough surgeons eventually you will find someone willing to do this. If you remove the portion of the bridge that you marked out you will have a saddle nose deformity that will be hard to fix.

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Multifaceted Rhinoplasty Is The Solution

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Dear Birkam,

Based on your photos alone and without physical assessment it is hard to provide you with a solid surgical plan that will best fit your face and goals at e same time.

Nonetheless, it seems that you are confused whether you would like to "enlarge/elevate" your nasal dorsum or have it depressed and resized. 

Whatbis important is that you no matter what your goal would be you have to remember that modifying the dorsum alone will not provide you with "natural"results unless your nasal tip is reshaped and possibly de-projected slightly. 

With that perspective, commendable results require an exceptionally skilled surgeon to perform your surgery especially that it is of a delicate nature. 

I hope this helps and please feel free to check the following website. 

Thank you for your post.

The best of luck to you. 

Dr. Sajjadian

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