Are There Long Term Problems Associated with Vascular Compression?

What type of damage could result from this phenomenon? I am currently experiencing vascular compression due to a non-surgical rhinoplasty injection. My entire nose is red and half of my forehead is covered in a scabby redness, it has also spread under my right eye and my face looks quite rashy. My doctor gave me nitroglycerin cream to treat it and wants me to follow up with him in 4 days. Will this complication cause any skin damage, scarring, or premature aging? Should I just do hyaluronidase?

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Non surgical rhinoplasty

Dear mk,

It looks like an allergic reaction that you may be having.  Do you know what was injected into the nose?

The other thing is that it could be the start of an infection.  If it does not improve, I would go back to your surgeon or find someone else if you are not comfortable with it.

Obviously, I cannot be 100% sure that this is going on without seeing it in person.

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Nima Shemirani

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