Are There Long Term Consequences to Indirect Light Exposure After Pdt?

I did not follow the intructions from Dr. office very well after PDT and spent about an hour and a half in my car later that day to run an errand. Was careful to keep my head out of direct sunlight, but definately felt burning sensation in skin where chemical was applied and serverely red with a lot of skin peeling 4 days after procedure. Am wondering if I did any permanent damage or just will have a longer recovery from the procedure.

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UV Exposure After PDT

UVA, which can penetrate through windows, can further activate the photosensitizer applied during PDT and exacerbate your reaction.  Patients who have done this typically prolong their recovery time, but side effects tend to be temporary.  It is important to not peel or pick as this can increase the risk of adverse effects. Depending on your skin color, if darker and prone to tan, the prolonged redness caused by doing this can increase ones risk for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, but this too typically resolves.

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