Is There a Logical Explanation to Why my Nose (I Am 19 Days Post Op) Looks So Great in Person but Absolutely Horrid in Pictures?

i had a ton of bruising and swelling. i actually bruised on my lower cheeks as well from swelling up so much. i am an extremely slow healer so i wasnt too shocked. I looked terrible the first 2 weeks and now headed into week 3 i am really beginning to appreciate the shape it is taking on. i know i have a ways to go as far as the final result but so far i do like it. but why is it that in pictures (i phone camera) i look absolutely horrid? it looks big and the swelling looks uneven.

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Photos vs. Actual Appearance After Rhinoplasty

Great question. There are a couple of reasons why the nose may appear worse in photos you are taking at home. First, when you photograph yourself close up with an iPhone, you are getting a bit of a "fish eye" effect, where the nose is much closer to the camera than the rest of your face. This will cause it to appear disproportionately larger. Photos taken by your surgeon should look better. Also, when the skin of the nose is slightly puffy and swollen after nasal surgery, it appears shiny in photos, further accentuating the size of the nose.

A common treatment after rhinoplasty is a Kenalog (steroid) injection, which can be done to speed along the resolution of your swelling, typically 4-8 weeks after surgery. Discuss this option with your surgeon at your next visit.

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