Is There a Lip Surgery to Solve This? (photo)

This may seem like a stupid question, but I am curious if there is a surgery you can get done on your lips to create a slit in the corners of your mouth. I would post a picture of lips like mine, but I can't find a single picture on the internet of anyone without slits in the corners of their mouths! What I want is to create a slit in the corner of the lips such as the pictures below. Imagine their lips just without the cirled parts and that is what I have.

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Wanting lateral lip creases

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Crease can be created but much depends on what are you starting with.  You would get more responses if you could post a photo of your mouth/lips.  If you prefer not to, see a local ENT or plastic surgeon and invest in a consultation.  In larger metro areas, many doctors provide free consultations.

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