Is There a Limit Up to Which Lips May Be Reduced? (photo)

I have a thick philtrum area and big protruding lips. I have seen several before and after photos of lip reduction, but I have noticed that there is hardly any change. Is there a limit to lip reduction. And if not so, is it possible for me to get the kind of lips shown in the third picture? thanks.

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I agree with Dr. Palmer, you do not need a lip reduction.

The lips are part of the whole aesthetic presentation of the face and all cosmetic units must work together.  See a cosmetic surgeon who is a global artist and can discuss all aspects of your appearance and how they work together.  Don't focus on just one part of your face.


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Is There a Limit Up to Which Lips May Be Reduced?

 Aesthetically speaking, your lips do not need to be reduced at all.  David Becham's photos shows lips that are too thin aesthetically.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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