Is There a Certain Lift That Will Lift my Breast or Areola Higher? (photo)

I had a breast lift and implant exchange(saline to silcone)over a year ago and I am still not happy with the way the look. They appear almost oblong. I have 371cc mod+ silcone. My areolas seem to be not centered and my breast don't seem rounded.

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Revisions can help

but also realize that breasts changed with time and you cannot preserve a result permanently.  As mentioned by my colleagues, you have too much tissue on your lower poles.  Nipples could go up if you really wanted it but you have to be careful to not create excessively high nipples as those are difficult to correct.  There are so many factors to consider here that you should see your surgeon (or another local surgeon) for more options and make it clear just what you expect and see what options you are given.  You have to start with 'Is your implant' in the proper position for you and if so, then focus on the soft tissue procedures which could even include a limited reduction with increase in implant size. 

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Breast Lift Dissatisfaction


First I'd like to say that your result would be considered to be good by most, however, I see all of the issues you are talking about; your breasts are somewhat flattened, persist in hanging below the inframammary fold with a long vertical scar, appear oblong, and there are some asymmetries. 

Your implants are sitting a little low in their pockets, something that should only be corrected with an internal closure of the capsule along its lower border. This will keep the implants in a higher position on the chest wall, and reduce the downward pressure. Once this is achieved, proper nipple and areolar position can be determined and the lift can be revised, which would entail removing more skin from the vertical incision as well as from the inframammary incision - essentially a re-tightening.  Some surgeons would argue that all you need is the revision lift and that the capsular tightening is unnecessary.  But with the weight of the unrestricted implant bearing down on the skin flaps of the re-tightened lift, you will likely look the same in another year.

With a capsular tightening and revision lift, you should improve on all points of issue: more projection to the breast mound, higher rounder mound, and less sag of the inframammary region with better symmetry.

Best of luck!


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Breast lift revision can improve breast shape

I don't know the details of your prior surgeries - but based on your photos, you appear to have excessive skin and glandular tissue in the lower pole of each breast - this yields an oblong and saggy look. A revision that includes a inferior pole breast reduction and downsize of your implant volume would give you a more compact and youthful breast shape.

Scott C. Sattler, MD, FACS
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May benefit from revision

As I often tell my patients anything we do that has lift in the title will have a tendency to come back down over time. While tightening your lift will improve you in the short run you may again loosen up over time. It does appear as if your right side need to be tightened more so than your left and this should help with your areolar height.

Scott Tucker, MD
Winston Salem Plastic Surgeon
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